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We are committed to giving your company back the fluidity in its operations, the control of its evolution and a place for the development of its people.


Wherever you are, we accompany you

Today, running a business is a big challenge.
Your business evolves, it is in motion!

Challenge of synergy, performance and mobilization

There comes a time when we feel that our company is standing still. As a leader, we have no time, no life. Sales are stagnant and we can feel the lack of motivation of our employees. Operations are heavy and our company is caught in a whirlwind of challenges. The balance is not there and we feel the lack of fluidity throughout the company’s operations.

Accompany and Develop Leadership

Identify and eliminate what is disrupting the organization’s evolution. Thus, the entrepreneur and his employees will be able to find a quality of life within a revitalized company.

Our unique approach based on 3 axes, allows you to be in action quickly to boost your organization. We will accompany you and equip you to propel your business.

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For as long as I can remember, the well-being of people has been important to me. 

I founded Sonia Perron C.T.E. to help entrepreneurs grow and evolve their businesses quickly while putting people first. A successful human enterprise ensures a balance in the life of the entrepreneur and his employees. ”  Sonia Perron

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“We were implementing the Traction management system and the learnings from the Attracting the Right People training fit in perfectly. If we want to manage our priorities with people who will accomplish the right tasks, we need to recruit the right people who will be in the right place! “

Mylène Desjardins, Entrepreneur


“ Sonia managed to give me the confidence I needed to go ahead and face the challenges. Her way of working and her frankness give us not only an exterior but also an interior structure. “

  Guylaine Dumont, Olympic Athlete
Co-Founder of Sport’Aide


 Sonia has a strong ability to grasp the issues quickly and is rigorous in the conduct of her mandates. 

Daniel Viau, Entrepreneur


 I called on Sonia Perron’s team to improve my quality of life. Reduce my hours and optimize my tasks.
Target my needs and focus on my strengths. Sonia accompanied me in my business journey and today
I see the positive in my business. 

Audrey Gagnon,  Entrepreneur


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