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All programs, coachings, workshops and trainings are subject to the law favoring the development and recognition of skills of the workforce of Quebec (1%).

AVTRANSFORMATION is your ally for the evolution of your company in the increasingly demanding and changing market. 

Our solution offers online support to manage the movement and make any change in your organization a success: improvement, acquisition, change, growth, evolution, transformation and more. An expert is available each week to answer your questions!

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How can you break the vicious circle that is holding you back in your growth? You feel overwhelmed by events, everything is going too fast, you have difficulty prioritizing your activities, you lack time, structure, strategy. You have to look at everything: business processes, hiring, training, customers, sales, technology, financial returns, operational problems …

Objective: Develop the growth mindset and Create a transition plan to set up the bases required to grow.

Program based on the following 3 axes:

1. Values
-Mindset shift
-Clear vision
-Business culture
-Hiring or/and contractual
-Integration of employees/contract workers

2. Structure
-R&R (work organization, delegation, management)
-Workspace – collaboration tool

3. Accompaniment
-Employees Management


  • 1 individual preparatory interview with Sonia Perron before the start of the program
  • Access to CLECMOI toolbox
  • 15 one-hour group meetings per week at a fixed time
  • 2 individual meetings of 30 minutes
  • 1 group follow-up meeting, 1 month after the end of the program

For the self-employed who want to optimize their income potential by going from from entrepreneur to Owner of a SME. How can you break the vicious circle that is holding you back in your growth? Thanks to our program and our tools you will be armed for your growth!

Let’s get ready for growth!


Today, running a business is a big challenge. Your business evolves, it is in motion !

Objective: Develop the competencies to create a work environment that promotes balance between individuals and the company for rapid adaptation to market requirements and optimal growth.

Program based on the following 3 axes

  • Values: assess and solidify culture with a clear vision which includes your values
  • Structure: Optimizing the structure and the management to be efficient (management, organization chart, process, tools, IT, etc.)
  • AccompanimentProvide support for all employees in order to adapt quickly

Details of the mastermind

  • 1 interview with Sonia Perron before the program
  • Analysis of the management skills profile
  • 4 one-on-one coaching: 2 planned and 2 on demand
  •  A 2 to 3-day event
  • 8 exclusive online workshops with Sonia Perron
  • 2 follow-up group action plan meetings
  • Book
  • Acmes to the CLÉCMOI(I Am The Key) Program Toolbox
  • 2-year access to AVTransformation 

For Business Owners who want a company that works for them. Go from entrepreneur to administrator and create a business that adapts quickly to market movements:  Manage the movement to reach the top and stay there.

Reach your full potential!


Today, labour is scarce. It is important to attract people who will be fulfilled in our company and participate in its success.

Objective: to have an interview outline and a job offer to attract the right employees or partners

After the training, you will receive a training certificate with an accreditation number from Emploi Québec for the law favoring the development of the workforce (1%).

Training of 3h30 in 4 steps

values: this is the starting point because it is what creates a strong culture
expected behaviors: important to clarify them because it is what will create the atmosphere at work
Interview outline to ensure that you select people who have the right values and behaviours
job offer to attract these people

To do things differently and stand out: attract the right employees to reach the top and stay there.

Build your dream team!


Programs for entrepreneurs and coaching for leaders Several programs and coaching plans, including customized plans, are available to meet your needs and your business reality. They are available virtually or in person as needed.

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