About us


Balance is essential to the well-being of people. When a person is herself, she realizes her full potential, feels free and lives fully. When a company provides a work environment that promotes balance by accompanying employees and meeting their needs, it does achieve balance and optimizes its own success.


Help Entrepreneurs to regain and maintain their personal balance and their companies to evolve quickly while providing a work environment that promotes the well-being of employees for all to reach their full potential. 



Our team is listening to your needs and we dare! Innovation is at the heart of creating and improving our products and services.


Our team sees life as a bouquet of experiences so we are excited about the challenges and our work is a pleasure!


Each person is unique and perfect as he/she is. Our team welcomes you unconditionally and without judgment.


Our team believes that the truth at the center of discussions and actions is essential to achieve the desired results and avoid going around in circles.


“As far back as I can remember, the well-being of people has been important to me. I founded Sonia Perron B.G.T. Inc. to help Entrepreneurs with their Businesses growth and rapid evolution while regaining and/or maintaining their personal balance.” Sonia Perron, Presidente


All workshops, coaching and training are subject to the law promoting the development and recognition of skills in the Québec workforce (1%)

We are certified by the Government of Canada to work with any organization that must examine, possess or transfer controlled goods or technology in Canada

We are PROSCI certified to support you in your transformation projects. We also offer a unique training program to support you during your projects avtransformation.com


Join our team

At Sonia Perron BGT Inc., we are innovating recruitment. Hiring is determined by your skills, your needs and ours. We offer a balanced work environment, thus favoring each individual’s personal and professional fulfillment.

To share your interest, please send us a short video or cover letter in which you present your skills, preferred tasks, ideal conditions and your job aspirations while identifying your schedule availability.

Tell us what you need for your well-being and to be balanced in your work environment. If this appeals to you, and our corporate values are aligned with yours, please send us your video or letter to rh@soniaperroncte.com. All proposals will be considered and we will contact you as soon as a position is available and in line with your needs and ours.